ECS has extensive experience and qualifications in the project management, project co-ordination and financial control of both major and minor projects.

During the construction phase of the project ECS shall provide the following services:

  • Contract execution.
  • Assist client with suitable and approved lift car interior finishes.
  • Review of design approval drawings.
  • Regular attendance on site during initial commencement of works and attendance on site to review progress, quality procedures and workmanship.
  • Assessment of progress claims to on-site progress including site inspections to ensure claim is substantiated.
  • Advise property manager of any works that may affect other services and/or tenants within the building.
  • Assistance with site technical issues that may arise during progress of works.
  • Review of maintenance manuals.
  • Witnessing of all testing.
  • Independent measurement and benchmarking of performance.
  • Signing off lifts as complete and compliant with project requirements.
  • Review of all statutory documentation sign-off for practical completion defects and omissions.
  • Carry out inspection of the works to ensure that workmanship and finishes are as per the specification and shop drawings.
  • Undertake final inspection